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Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The USA

Kilkenny Beer In The USA

The Kilkenny brewing brand was established in Ireland by the Carlow Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The USA
Many popular beers are named after the Irish county of Kilkenny because of the name’s association with the country’s long history of beer production. However, this brand is exceptional since it was created to be sent to the United States.

A Complete Guide to Kilkenny Beer

A Complete Guide to Kilkenny Beer

These days, you can get Kilkenny Beer mostly throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific area, with some availability in the United Kingdom thanks to Dublin’s St. James’s Gate Brewery.

However, the long-standing ties that have existed between Ireland and the United States should be taken into account. You may now get a genuine Irish experience while drinking Guinness Stout on the island where it was first brewed. While cans and drafts of Kilkenny beers are readily accessible across the board in the majority of American states, bottled Kilkenny Draught is only distributed in a small number of regions.

Let’s look at how Kilkenny was transformed into a lager for individuals who want a lighter, more session-able beer. The best ingredients are utilized to brew this magnificent beer, which is a paragon of quality and tradition. We think you’ll agree that it’s hard not to ‘love – this – beer!’ now that Kilkenny has finally “arrived,” especially if you like beers with a subtle, complementing taste that isn’t overpowered by bitterness.

Introducing the American Origins of Kilkenny Beer

Introducing the American Origins of Kilkenny Beer

Kilkenny Beer has a nearly identical twin sister named Déirdre, after their father, the Déirdre Carlow Brewing Company. Sarah Joyce, the company’s director, and brewer gave birth to her daughters in 1989. Dermot Carlow, the family’s brewing master, and his lovely black mongrel dog, Maxie, both passed very tragically.

Kilkenny Beer is the result of the passion and dedication of three generations of brewers. Since 2000, when they took over for their mother, great-grandsons John and Jim Cullinane have been crucial in expanding this well-known company.

It’s no surprise that Kilkenny has gained such renown elsewhere. For many years (1990-2002), Ireland was rated as the world’s third-largest beer producer despite only using 6% of its brewing capacity. Though the Kilkenny Lager, Stout, and Porter were previously made by the Carlow Brewing Company, the company has since shifted its focus to its flagship brand, which is currently brewed in Dublin. You may also buy it in Poland, where it is brewed by Zakady Piwowarsko-Saksy Pokój Sp. z o.o. under permission (ZPS).

Kilkenny Lager’s signature bitterness comes from the combination

of malted barley, malted maize, and American and European noble hops. While Guinness is brewed using a decoction mash, this infusion mash is utilized to get a similar result.

Kilkenny, as predicted, has a clean, fresh flavor and fragrance, a wonderful, creamy head that lasts, and an off-dry aftertaste that is tempered by the presence of carbonation in the beer’s texture, resulting in a smooth drinkability with hints of sweetness. Because of the premium ingredients that went into its making and the meticulous filtering that took place before it was put into kegs, barrels, or bottles, this brew has a medium body and good retention.

Since 1997, Kilkenny has been manufactured under license for sale only in the United States, and its characteristic creamy head has made it one of Ireland’s most popular beers.

Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The United States Top 3 Spots

Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The United States Top 3 Spots

Most states in the US currently stock Kilkenny, and it is widely accessible in big places including New York, Boston, Miami, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

But it’s not widely available; if you want any, you’ll have to track down a wholesaler or distributor in your area or visit an Irish pub or restaurant. Patrick’s Pub (New York), O’Brien’s (Miami), and The Tipperary Inn (Allegheny, Pennsylvania) are a few examples (in Chicago).

#1. Patrick’s Pub, New York City Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The USA

Patrick’s bar serves Kilkenny beer. Those in need of a suitable venue for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in New York City’s Union Square neighborhood will find it to be an excellent option. They provide authentic Irish cuisine and Guinness.

The Shot Blast is a party that offers free alcohol to its guests. You may reserve tickets on their website.

#2: O’Brien’s (Miami)  Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The USA

O’Brien’s Irish Pub in Miami, Florida, sells Kilkenny beer on tap and makes it simple to order by placing a large letter ‘K’ on top of a Guinness mug.

Chicago’s Third-Best Bar: The Tipperary Inn Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The USA

The Tipperary Inn, which features traditional Irish music, amazing cuisine, and, of course, Kilkenny beer on St. Patrick’s Day, is a great example of Chicago’s longstanding connection to the Irish American community.

Brothers Mick and Pat O’Malley started the bar in 1968, and they still control it now. As one of Chicago’s busiest Irish pubs, it now serves as a cultural icon, with weekly traditional music sessions and other events happening all year round. Chicago, Illinois 60614, USA, at 2648 North Halsted Avenue.


To what extent is Kilkenny beer still available?

The Guinness Brewing Company, headquartered in Kilkenny, Ireland, produces Kilkenny, a nitrogenated Irish cream ale. Diageo handles both the management and production of the brand. Beer may be purchased on tap, in bottles, or cans.

I was wondering whether Smithwick’s and Kilkenny’s were interchangeable.

Despite its similarities to Smithwick’s Draught, the creamy head and harsher, more bitter flavor of Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale set it out as a distinct beer.

Could you tell me whether Kilkenny beer is any good?

The flavor of Kilkenny Beer is reminiscent of a balmy summer day. It has a little body and a flavor that is equal parts Granier and maltier. The absence of carbonation makes it easy to swallow and causes one to pay more attention to the flavor. It has a wonderful, creamy froth, too.

Where has all the Kilkenny beer gone?

Kilkenny was produced at the now-defunct St. Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny, Ireland’s oldest brewery. St.Gate James’s brewery in Dublin is currently responsible for its production.

To what end is the ball in Kilkenny beer?

Like a little ping pong ball, a widget is spherical and made of plastic, but it is hollow and has a small hole in the center. Pressurized nitrogen is added to the brew during canning, and a little amount of beer and the nitrogen both leak out the hole. Then, the whole container is subjected to pressure.

Does Ireland have a taste for Kilkenny beer?

Kilkenny and Smithwick’s are the two most often consumed red beers in Ireland’s pubs. These two brews from La Brasserie St. Francis Abbey swiftly rose to prominence and became staples at Irish watering holes.


Although commercial production of Kilkenny has just begun within the last fifty years, the history of this famous drink dates back more than two centuries. The 1990s were Kilkenny’s golden era. There are various urban legends surrounding beer, but one fact remains: this Irish export is a source of pride for many Americans.

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