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Pizza Shop in Irvine City

Top 10 Pizza Shop in Irvine City, California, US

To the extent Californian urban communities go, Irvine was an exceptionally late designer. Until the mid-1960s Irvine was minimal in excess of a farm, but a major one, which extended north of a hundred thousand sections of land. The farm was gone down through a similar family and kept on delivering an assortment of yields for a very long time. After the passing of the subsequent proprietor, his child, who worked in the land area, acquired the land and as opposed to continuing cultivating chose to form it into a town. Here is the best Pizza Shop in Irvine City.

Bundles of the farmland were auctions off for advancement and the new local area started to take structure. While the first thought was for a town based on a college fit for lodging a populace of 50,000, by the last part of the seventies Irvine was double the size arranged. Anyplace there’s a populace of more than a hundred thousand is a decent spot to open any sort of eatery, including pizza joints, and numerous Italians moved to the new city to do precisely that.

1. Ameci Pizza & Pasta

Ameci Pizza & PastaHere is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Nasser Sattar: A legend in the heart of Los Alamitos. All food items are amazing with reasonable price. I would  highly recommend this place for pastas,  subs and other Italian foods.

Lejone Morris: By the time I was ready to eat dinner, my favorite Italian place in my area was closed. That turned out to be a good thing because I would have never discovered Ameci. I ordered vegetable lasagna. It came with garlic bread. Both were delicious. It’s been a long time since I’ve had lasagna so good. If you opt into their text alerts you get a free pizza on your second visit. Seems like they offer plenty of discounts via text and email. Ameci’s is the spot if you want delicious, affordable Italian food made quickly.

Eric Gregory: I dine in this place from time to time! This is my favorite spot to eat.  I go there frequently. The meals are very good, the crew is polite and the payment is fair. I enjoy being in this spot for a tasty lunch.

2. Round Table Pizza Shop in Irvine City

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Brian Goodell: I go here once every week or two for lunch. They have great lunch specials for personal pizzas, and also an affordable all you can eat buffet. They also have a happy hour Mon-Thurs 11am-5pm 5 beers for $15, which would go great with the buffet. The staff is always friendly, the manager Jerry is a great, and my order is ready when I get there if I call in when leaving my office (about 10-15 minutes away).

BD Hodge: Great service, great food.  Been to a lot of these because I have a thing for the chicken flat bread. These guys hustle at this one. We came in just before closing and they went out of their way to be helpful and didn’t whine because we were there late. They even stayed open late because there were so many people still there. I’ll be back.

Mark Miller: Great as always!!!.  Everything is top quality from management, to employees to food. I don’t mind spending considerably more than other pizza joints cause they load you up. I usually get large 3 toppings sausage, bell pepper and shrooms!! They load it UP!!!  The wings are Awesome!!! MANGO HABANERA ARE THE BEST!!! and a salad.. always fresh, always clean and fresh toppings. This place is always busy and I know why. It’s just Great!!! Spend the money it’s worth it…

3. Brio Italian Grille

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

maria elisa cruz: Service is great. Lobster and Shrimp Fettuccine is very good the chopped salad is very good just the fried Calamari is like a rubber. Overall it’s great!

Andrea Hilliar: Knew this resto years ago in Victoria Mall. But then moved to O.C. and recently decided to dine in again. Nice outdoor ambiance and the food and dessert were excellent! Pricey? Well…with the amount of food and the quality and service- I think it’s worth it 👌

Laila Cassis: Wow!  It’s about time they got a new manager. And boy does he know what he’s doing! Completely different restaurant! Food is crisp and awesome, drink is done right. And everything comes on time! No extra hidden fees or charges anymore. I’ll be back more often now! Tim is amazing!

4. Johnny’s Real New York Pizza

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

terry falcon: If you’re a fan of NY-style pizza then Johnny’s is a solid choice.  I don’t know that I agree with the “Real” part of the name, but given that Johnny’s is in California, and it’s a three-thousand mile trip to the Big Apple to obtain some of the Real McCoy, I heartily recommend Johnny’s as a good local option.  It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper than taking a plane 😉

The pizza actually tastes pretty close to the average slices and pies you’ll find in hundreds of small, Mom and Pop pizza joints in New York City.  My only complaint on that score is the fact that the Johnny’s pizza is more than a little too oily, and they’re not overly generous with their toppings. That said, you’ll find that the majority of NY pizzerias share these both of these problems.

As for the ambiance, while maybe Walt Disney might believe he was in a NY pizza joint if he walked out of the deep-freeze and came here, you won’t ;-). That said your experience will approximate the real thing, sort of like you were riding a pizzeria ride in Disneyland.

Bottom line: Johnny’s won’t win any awards, but when I’m craving NY-style pizza in Orange County, this is always one of the first places I think of visiting 🙂

5. Lamppost Pizza Shop in Irvine City

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Jeanette Wayland: Delicious. Their taco pizza is so nummy. I had the Beach Party Blonde beer and it was the perfect pairing. They will bring paper plates & plastic silverware…but if you ask, they’ll bring the real deal. They take good care of the regulars…so don’t feel bad if you get slower service. The service staff I’d very pleasant and the location is ideal. We will go back often 🍻

Tim A: Best pizza around.  The Irvine/culver location is even better than the other lampposts around for some reason, no idea why.

The staff is always nice and friendly too.

Danielle Leppla: Love this spot! Still my favorite pizza, even though I no longer live in Irvine, but when I come in to town I vist without fail. And Leslie the bar tender is amazing! She provides probably the best service I ever had. She is attentive, funny, and pretty and does evreything with a smile! She is without a doubt the star of the show!!👍🏽👍🏽

6. Fresh Brothers Pizza Irvine Harvard Place

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Michael Robert: Ok, I haven’t tried the pizza, but I’ve had the Nashville wings and these are the best I’ve had. If you’re a wing person, you’ve got to get over here and give this a try. I was blown away by the spice, flavor, and heat. This is the real deal.

Ralph Parr: I call this superb restaurant many times because I like the  special atmosphere that is characterizes this restaurant. The staff is extremely friendly and well trained. The service is very quick. Also, the food they serve is first-rate. I visited more than once and I was always satisfied. The payment is honest. I recommend this restaurant to everybody.

7. First Class Pizza Shop in Irvine City

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Danny Lambson: Love this place. Great pizza and amazing beer selection. Seriously amazing beer. the owner is a beer enthusiast and always has amazing beers on tap and available to buy to take home. I have never ordered a pizza here that wasn’t amazing.

Nick D: Excellent pizza and delicious salad (cranberry gorgonzola). Reasonable price and curtious staff. Both times my family has been here have been great experiences. We’ll be coming back here for sure!

8. Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Store

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Michelle Dennison: This place was great. Staff was dealing with a huge party of wild kids, the place was a mad house and they were still patient and kind, pizza came fast and it was delicious. A manager or owner or something came out to greet us and ask us how our visit was going and that was really nice. She was very sweet and dressed up for Halloween and in the spirit! I really enjoyed this experience and if I wasn’t from Illinois I would definitely have been a regular!

Tom Kerrigan: This place is just like I remembered it from 25 years ago. Okay not 100% There’s been a few cosmetic changes and definitely some menu upgrades but still the same great Pizza! Oh, and their TV sets are much better, too! A great place to catch a football game while eating and having a beer…

9. Angelina’s Pizzeria Napoletana

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Ramona Hall: Came for restaurant week and loved it. Garrett was our server. He was phenomenal and really added to our experience. Food was delicious, really quality ingredients you can taste. Coming back to try the wine and pizza. Highly recommend but recommend a reso.

Phil Guertin: The family favorite Italian restaurant.  Pizza is 10 stars along with all the other plates.  Excellent for date nights too!!  #pizza #Italian #bestinOC

Lorenzo Mccoy: My favorite aspect of the pizza was the crust. It was precisely cooked, with a slight crunchy on the bottom and a soft top. There were also several toppings. It was hot when it came. As a result, we sleep the entire day away, despite the fact that we have a full stomach! Thank you very much for coming up with the ideal flavor for our order! Highly recommended!

10. Northwood Pizza Shop in Irvine City

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Cami Rosso: Honestly this is the BEST pizza I’ve had since childhood. It reminds me of the local shops that no longer exist. The delivery is AMAZING! Always hot and perfect. I’m speechless I don’t know what else to say but WOW. This is your sign to try it!! Their cheese pizza won me over and I’m not a big cheese-only fan and that’s all I get. Their pep!! Woo.

Eric Watkins: I’ve been eating this pizza for decades. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, but it’s one of my favorites. My wife and kids love it too. It tastes as good now as it did then. Please support this local business!!

Bradley Purcell: These guys have been my go-to pizza parlor for the past 20 years. They are great! The pizza is delicious,  the service is super friendly, and the delivery is always speedy. I highly recommend Northwood Pizza!

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