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Pizza Shop in Greensboro City

Top 10 Pizza Shop in Greensboro City, North Carolina, US

Not many food varieties address the American soul like pizza. Pizzas have turned into the most well-known food in America with whole football fields eaten every day. In Greensboro, NC you can observe a pizza place everywhere. You can make pizza any way you like it. It doesn’t must be undesirable, perhaps you use it to heap on the veggies for the children. Or then again it very well may be a debauched extraordinary treat for you as well as your family with all that slimy gooey cheddar you love. There are likewise a few distinct styles of Pizza Shop in Greensboro City. The Chicago thicker style, well known for its thick outside layer finished off with hills of cheddar and stout pureed tomatoes is a brilliant model. Do other well-known styles incorporate Greek style, Neapolitan, Sicilian, and maybe even Greensboro, NC style?

You might cherish just a particular style of pizza or you might adore them all and appreciate enjoying the distinctions of each. We zeroed in on attempting to pick not explicit styles but rather an assortment of styles that hung out in Greensboro, NC since we need you to have the option to track down something for each range in your family.

1. Positano Pizza Shop in Greensboro City

PositanoHere is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Oncello: Very nice establishment.  Great customer service.  Reasonable price range.  The staff are very friendly.  Highly recommend their Pepperoni Pizza and their Bianca spinach Pizza.  They have a nice selection of beers and Wine.   Great location.  Easy parking.

There  was one little issue.  The lighting was a little dark for me.  My wife used her cellphone light to look at the menu.  All and all this establishment was one that I Highly  recommend.

Gerson Sevilla: I came here with my family after looking for a great Italian place while in town. I am very pleased with my overall experience. I ordered the Nectartini and it was delicious. We got the fried mozzarella as an appetizer and it was hands down some of the best marinara sauce I have ever tasted. All plates we ordered were really good. The highlight of the experience was the tiramisu. It was so good that it was gone in literally a few seconds. We will for sure be back next time we are in town!!!

2. Boxcar Bar + Arcade

Boxcar BarHere is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Torie Quismundo: Really cool arcade. My dog was allowed in. My child was allowed in too because it was before 7 pm. The employees were nice. There is an outside seating  area and an inside seating area. You can order pizza outside and it smelled sooooo good! You put in a credit card and get tokens to play the games. There were quite a few pinball machines which I LOVE. It is pretty dark and noisy inside so if that isn’t your scene, pull up a chair outside and just listen to the rumble. We were pleased with the cost of the games but didn’t invest in the food or drink.

Carrie Matthews: I love going here! There’s a very good selection of drinks and so many games! My friend who doesn’t drink can also have a good time playing guitar hero, mario kart, air hockey, skee ball, and all the other games. Perfect place for a couple or a group.

3. Cugino Forno Pizzeria

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Sean’s Stuff: Genuine Italian style wood fired pizza. Simply delicious in every way. The tomatoes they use for the sauce make the sauce drinkable. The pepperoni was also quality. I will be returning to get a margarita pizza and a white pizza.

Amy Silva: Yes, the pizza was the best I have had yet in Greensboro, NC, but what really blew me away was the cannoli!!! Comparable with Boston’s North End pastries!! So much yum!! And grubhub was prompt and easy.

Amber A: The food is DELICIOUS! The pizza was so good! Cool location, too. And the staff members were very helpful. My husband and I forgot our credit cards and didn’t have enough cash, so we ordered online with our phone and they let us dine in. They even let us change the order when I realized quickly that I’d read the menu wrong. It was almost a disastrous night with all the snafus my husband and I kept running into. This place really saved our night. Can’t wait to go back again!

4. Brixx Wood Fired Pizza + Craft Bar

Here is Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Prabha Shankar: Very nice pizza place for wood fired pizza. We liked the place , food and serving staff named Kendal was very welcoming and liked very much. Place was clean , but not very crowded since we went on weekday night. Pizza tasted were good and would recommend this place to some one who wants a quality pizza. There is a outdoor dining , has ample parking and restrooms are clean and well maintained.

Gabe King: They tried to mask me here (unsuccessfully) but they still deserve 5 stars. The food is absolutely delicious, and the servers are always great. We had Kathy on this particular visit, and she was wonderful.

Randy Wilson: Love love love the pizza here. Get the Sausage and Spicy Honey Pizza you won’t regret long. The Rustica is pretty good as well. If you are super hungry get the wings. Again you won’t regret it. Well maybe.

5. Sticks & Stones Pizza Shop in Greensboro City

Here are Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Mitch Headen: Our first time here. We had the Firecracker with chicken instead of anchovies. Incredible. Crust was perfectly crisped. Started off with the fried mozzarella.The fresh veggies really set that off along with the pesto. We finished off with the peach cobbler. Perfect size topper to the Thursday evening. Our server, Matthew, was very polite and attentive. We will definitely be back.

J S: Really enjoyed all we order. Fries were perfectly seasoned and elevated. Pizza was crunchy, and the combination of ingredients really made it a nice experience. My favorite was the Gold, incredible pesto flavor with tomatoes and cheese. Service was friendly and fast.

Hailee Joyce: Sticks and stones is one of my favorite pizza joints in Greensboro… Between the great crust, quality and quantity of the food, the awesome service and the great patio dining I don’t think you can go wrong with a visit here. Try their lunch special if you’re around or have a casual bite to eat on the hip side of town. I don’t think I can recommend this place highly enough.

6. Slices Pizza by Tony

Here are Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Caroline Gadsby: Hands down the BEST pizza in Greensboro! I am convinced there’s magic in the sauce. I have had the pleasure of tasting almost everything on the menu and I have never been disappointed. The staff has always been friendly, especially the owner. Service is great and quick. I would recommend Slices by Tony to anyone who enjoys good pizza and delicious, quality, homemade Italian food.

Wendy Daye: The pizza at Slices by Tony was great! I’ve been down here from NY since September and I must say this is the closest taste to NY pizza that I’ve had! The crust was nice and thin how I like it. I had a cheese slice and and a white slice. My wife had a cheese slice as well and a slice that had pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green pepper and onions on it. The pizza was really good!👌We both are so glad that we found this place. This will be my pizza place from now on!

7. Mellow Mushroom Greensboro

Here are Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Jason: Went in here for dinner around 7PM on a Wednesday. Place had a decent amount of people seated but we still got sat right away. Servers were all super friendly and attentive. Food came out really quick and was exceptional. Got a Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Pepperoni Garlic Bread, and Cloud 9 Wings. The wings especially were great!

Kelsey Lindeman: Can’t say enough good things about visits on Mondays to the bar to see Parks for lunch specials and beers. He is an excellent bartender and restaurant worker in general and my partner and I have enjoyed getting to know him over slices and drafts. The food is fine, the tap selection is better, the service is great. We’ll be back soon!

Anna Shaw: My favorite pizza place. This Mellow Mushroom location is the prettiest out of the ones I’ve been to, because of all the stain glass windows that is bright and very artsy. The classic pepperoni is great but the specialty pies they have on the menu is the best. My all time favorite is the Mowie Wowie with a pesto base, jerk chicken, ham, pineapple, banana peppers and I add balsamic glaze. It is so delicious. My husband and family love the philosopher’s pizza with mushrooms and more.

8. Bill’s Pizza Pub

Here are Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Ginory Japson: This is our must visit pizza spot when in Greensboro N.C. Thin crust toppings piled high and the staff is always friendly. We always get the Pub Special well done crust  and today i also got a side salad. Deliciousness!!!!

Leslie Tenney: Good food people are friendly, place has always and still is clean,  wait for food is not long, oh bathrooms could use better cleaning other than that the pub is nice relaxed we always have an enjoyable time there, we enjoy the food and the place!!

Bertha Johnson: Bill’s Pizza have always been the bomb Pizza is so delicious and so generous I love the generosity with the toppings wow that’s my number one pizza place but it’s so far away from my house but it’s worth the trip.

9. Mario’s Pizza Shop in Greensboro City

Here are Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

Anna Shaw: Dining area is open currently and takeaway available. Classic NY style pizza and many other delicious foods. I’ve eaten at many Mario’s pizzas in the triad area and they never disappoint. I enjoy getting the Daily special they have until 4:00pm of a slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza, drink and a side. I love the side salads they have with the banana peppers, olives, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, mozzarella cheese and lettuce. Other favorites of mine are the garlic knots, sweet chili wings, philly cheesesteak and the CANNOLIS. You can get a 24” pizza for large parties you’ll have to put in your trunk of the car to get home, big and delicious. I’ll stop by just for a cannoli on many occasions, it’s my top favorite.

Beastaddict world: Great pizza and I mean really good pizza being a child was born and raised in New York I grow when you have the dollar 25 will get you a slice and a soda from the fountain Mario Pizza is the closest pizza since I’ve been in North Carolina the New York Pizza keep up the good work stop by this place as much as I can whenever I get a chance and the fried ravioli it hits different highly recommended

10. Elizabeth’s Pizza

Here are Some Google Map Customers Reviews Below:

K.H. E****: Just Ask! I read a few reviews before writing this review and during my meal. And if you want your pizza crispy, just ask, if you want something special, just ask, if you want something traditional, JUST ASK! I came in on a Thursday evening and sat at the bar. Tired, hungry and thirsty, I ordered a Peroni (on draft!) and Chicken Paccata. I asked for  a popular dish I had in the Mediterranean many years ago….calamari marinara since I did not see it on the menu. Now, if you love fried calamari then you will love this dish but it’s damn near impossible to find. The server was not familiar so I asked her to ask the chef or manager. The owner knew exactly what I was asking for and came up to me to confirm. The dish has calamari tossed in oil and garlic and topped with marinara (they add croutons here which is a nice touch) and it did not disappoint! Loved it!!!

The chicken piccata dish was lemony tangy and topped with capers. It was served with regular spaghetti noodles but you can ASK for capellini, linguine or whatever pasta you like. Personally, I like the thinner pasta and will have it prepared that way on my next visit. Please don’t forget of this locally owned restaurant chain and remember, always ask because you maybe surprised!!

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