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Top 10 Most Beautiful Pigeon In The World


Pigeon has a bad reputation. Especially in cities. They even seem to transmit diseases. Even Game of Thrones preferred to exclude them in favor of the crows, to send messages from one castle to another. However, there are also many more noble pigeons. Birds are prized for their presence and sometimes for their rarity, which redoubles their charisma in order to stand out from the bluish mass of their ordinary contemporaries.

The following are ten of the most beautiful pigeons in the world. They are considered unique due to their plumage, color, and other physical characteristics.

1. The Curly Pigeon or Frillback

The Fullback is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding. Fullbacks, along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, are all descendants of the rock pigeon (Columba livia). The breed is known for the frill or curls on the wing shield feathers. The feather curl should also be present at the ends of the foot feathers or muffs

From the same family as the city pigeons who spend their time depositing their droppings on our windshields (when it is not squarely on our heads), the curly pigeon does not wander among its ancestors. He rather runs the exhibitions, with his robe buckled, like an English lord, looking down on his fellows. It is one of the first species to be used as an ornament. Its origin is not very clear, but Asia returns when one tries to clarify the question between experts.

2. The Social Pigeon

These are some of the oldest French breeds. Well from home, therefore, the socialite has a few cousins in Germany, with whom he shares his presence and his weight, impressive for a pigeon, which makes him the equivalent in volume of a beautiful big hen. Unable to fly, he is content to parade, his chest forward and his eye alert.

3. The English Boulant

The Boulant is distinguished by its measurements that will make all the low-court hens green with envy. Long legs covered with majestic feathers, a slim waist, and a generous chest ensure him a success in beauty pageants, from which he often leaves congratulated on all sides. There is also a mini version of the Boulant …

4. The Oriental Roller Pigeon

A category that has several variations, one of the common characteristics of which is this tiny beak that gives the pigeon the impression of having been created at the time of the genetic draw. However, this breed developed for the Ottoman sultans enjoys an unfailing reputation in insider circles.

5. The High-ruffled in Budapest

The high-ruffles, therefore, fly very high more than the vast majority of pigeons. They stay in the air for hours and evolve into a formation of a dozen individuals. Those who are originally from Budapest also have the peculiarity of their large, hyper-expressive eyes, which give them the air of cartoon characters. These pigeons are also called Budapest highflyers.

6. The Old Dutch Capuchin

Not to be confused with the monkey of the same name (a priori no risk), this pigeon stands out thanks to its pretty collar which gives it the false airs of a monarch of the plucked gent. Certainly a prince among the pigeons

7. The Saxon Pigeon

There are several sub-categories but the most spectacular is recognizable thanks to their pastes abundantly covered with long colored feathers and by a long “nape” styled in a brush. Yep, that’s a little weird too. Nothing can enthrall our minds and heart than witnessing a beautiful bird painting the sky with its colorful feathers. Step apart, style chickens, a Most beautiful pigeon in the world time for pigeons to face the highlight and shine!

8. The English Long Face Tumbler

Its prominent, rounded forehead and tiny beak give it a scowl. “Available” in many colorways, they are particularly popular in purple, and easily establish themselves as true little lords of the pigeon aristocracy.

9. The Amsterdam Boulant

Do you see those guys who do too much weight training and stuff themselves with steroids, only to end up with pecs that forbid them to bow their heads? Well with the Amsterdam ball it’s the same. His chest is so prominent and his head pulled back so much that you even wonder how he gets around.

10. The Peacock Pigeon

As its name suggests, this pigeon shares with the peacock this beautiful tail, more or less imposing depending on the species. The bird is also known as the “fantail pigeon” Some have a little puff behind their heads, just to have a little more class. Others, like our friend below, also have a slight front chest problem which makes straight walking rather risky.


What is a Pigeon?

For example, some scientists argue that the common city pigeon (aka the rock pigeon) might have been the very first bird that humans have ever domesticated.

What are the Pigeons?

The pigeons that we see in cities are just the tip of the feathered iceberg—there are lots of beautiful and unusual pigeon species that many of us haven’t ever heard of.

What are the skills of a pigeon?

“They have been used in both world wars due to their skills in speed endurance and their homing abilities,” the RPRA said.

What are the Breeds of Pigeon?

There are even show pigeons!

What are the threats to these birds?

And they tend to stick to the most remote areas since people do hunt them.

What is Pink-Necked Green Pigeon?

The colorful Pink-Necked Green pigeon can be found throughout Southeast Asia, particularly in Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

What are ornamental feathers?

The ornamental feathers consist of three parts known as the hood, mane, and chain.

What Are Fancy Pigeons?

Fancy pigeons are all domesticated forms of the familiar rock dove breed, and pigeon fanciers cross-breed the birds to have a variety of unique shapes, sizes, colors, and behaviors.


The top ten most beautiful pigeons in the world were chosen by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They include the Chinese Crested, the Japanese Crested, the English Carrier, the American Ringneck, the Indian Ring Neck, the White Garneau, the Black Spanish, the Red Polish, the Blue Polish, and the Silver Polish.

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